Same dreams, new starts

I’m a Beijinger living and working in Toronto. However, for years I have been dreaming about becoming a Parisienne, wearing bright red lipsticks and a red Beret, on a normal Wednesday.

I was deeply in love with Paris, and so much so that I didn’t even have the courage to visit it, feel it and touch it. It’s in my dream and in my heart.

In Feb 2016 at one of the workshops that I participated with a PR agency, we were asked to share our secrete wish. I said I wanted to live in Paris one day, not as a tourist, but as a resident. And yes I do know that French is not a language that I know of and understand.

Life is life. It has drama as its ingredient. In May 2016, I was hired as the Head of Communications by one of the French pharmaceutical companies and what came with it was a series of trips to France.

And of course my first visit to Paris had to be a personal vacation with my husband, because the best moment needs to be shared with the best people in life.

On a chilly fall day in 2017, while we were walking hand in hand towards the Eiffel Tower, tears came to my eyes, quietly and softly. It feels like a re-union with a dear friend after a long departure. My heart was full of gratitude, appreciation and admiration. Paris, how have you been?

Paris didn’t disappoint us in the coming days. How could she? She is magnificent, brilliant, beautiful, elegant, and passionate.

What Paris brought to me was not only the beauty in itself, but also the “so what”. It’s a fact that this city is full of history, art and beauty, but what the fact has brought to people and dreamers like myself is that it leaves a forever mark in my life, and every time I think of Paris, my heart aches a bit, and a smile appears on my face. Paris has its magical “so what” effect, because of her profound legacy, culture and lifestyle.

Leave a mark in the history, make a difference in the world, help other people to fulfill a dream! “Be Paris (not necessarily Parisienne)” will be my goal starting in 2018.

Same dreams, new starts.

Bring it on, 2018.

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