A Guitar Story

My husband is an IT businessman by day, and a musician / guitar player / singer by night. He would prefer the other way around though, if life can be reset from the very beginning.

He has been collecting guitars for years, not for investment, but for playability and sound. The way that he looks at a beautiful guitar is exactly like when I appreciate a pair of red-sole Christian Louboutin.

We have many, many guitars lying around the house. They come in different sizes, formats and colours. Acoustic, electric, white, red, black, curvy cut, traveller version, etc., you name it, we have it!

The thing is the hubby is on a search for a “perfect” vintage telecaster. There is a will, there is a way. He found it, on Instagram – a well beaten-up 1964 Fender Telecaster in blond – right before the Xmas holiday. Here is the sequence of the events after he caught that guitar picture:

– called the music store to ask for price;

– price is too high of course; but he loved that guitar because that is the model he has been looking for, the model sold prior to Fender being purchased by CBS in 1965. What did the hubby do? He asked the store owner to put it aside for him to allow some research time at his end over the holiday.

– he was doing the online research about this guitar and the model and went to see the guitar a couple of times in the midst of holiday and heavy snow.

– the hubby found the previous owner’s phone number and made a phone call to him to understand the history and the story of this particular guitar which I named as Ken.

– the previous owner is a music producer and this guitar was played by many musicians in his studio over the years, and because of that, he had to change the neck, so the neck is from 1959. Oh my! Talking about the longevity, the guitar can totally be my old brother!

– more negotiation followed, finally today, on the first working day of 2018, the hubby went to the store, purchased it, and brought it back home. His eyes have sparkles and twinkles when holding the guitar. In the middle of our dinner, he said “I’m finishing my meal now and I’m going to play my guitar and I’m going to take it to bed.” You know how that conversation went. 🙂

Guitar is just a musical instrument if one doesn’t have passion and love for it. So, what does the guitar mean for the hubby?

He said “I covet guitars. They are inspirational and they have life & soul. They are my friends and colleagues.”

Follow your heart, chase your dreams, go where your guitar takes you.

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