When in Doubt, Wear Black

I absolutely adored all the gorgeous black dresses worn by those Hollywood super stars at yesterday’s Golden Globes award ceremony. The 500 shades of black did make a strong statement to support the transformation of the social movement from #metoo to #timesup.

We all know the all-black code is a moment of solidarity instead of a fashion moment, but practically speaking, when in doubt, the only colour I would wear to work on any given day is BLACK too. I mean why not?! It’s a colour associated with power, elegance and formality. Isn’t this an image we’d like to project at workplace? I don’t know about you, but if you open my wardrobe, half space is filled up by black pieces.

Here are some classic items that I suggest you to own:

1. A short black leather jacket

2. A pair of black jeans (not ripped, please!)

3. A high quality black cashmere sweater with turtle neck

4. A black power suit that flatters your figure

5. A pair of black pumps ( buy the one with the red sole if you get a big year end bonus.)

6. Little black dress, ladies!!!

A secrete recipe to transform a somewhat boring black wardrobe is to add a few small but fun items: a string of pearl necklace, bright red 💄, a pair of statement earrings, a silk scarf in bright colours, and last but not the least, your beautiful smile. Voila! You will be the next Audrey Hepburn in your office.

Black is the new black! 🖤

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