The World is Getting Smaller

We have been on the hunt for a good total body massager. I mean, everyone needs a killer massage after a day of typing on your laptop, right? Although I have to be honest – I do get SPA massages on a regular basis, however it’s more for the relaxing atmosphere, the dreamy background music, the lavender aroma and the soft but firm pressing a good masseuse can provide. Oh wait, I’m not here to talk about my little guilty pleasure but about a broader topic – globalization.

Good news – we did find that great massager today – it’s a portable one with heat and rotation buttons. As soon as we put it around our neck for a test, we pulled out our credit card – yes this baby is going home with us. Right at that moment, we thought about my parents too (of course!). Wouldn’t it be nice to get one for mom and dad as well so they can get the relaxing experience while watching CCTV 7pm news every night?

Aha, but how about the power code and voltage difference? It has always been a headache for us over the past years. Can this awesome made-in-Canada machine be plugged into the outlet in our apartment in Beijing and won’t get burned immediately?

The salesman looked at us and said in full confidence: ” the charger for this massager can be used in any country in the world.”

Globalization – Amazing!

We walked away with two big massagers in the cart. Good product = happy consumers, there you go.

The other day I downloaded a new APP called DailyArt, which provides me with daily dose of art at my finger tips. You don’t have to visit Musée de l’Orangerie to see the beautiful Water Lilies by Monet.

Yes, with technology and innovation, the world is getting so much smaller, flatter and smarter. It allows us to get anything anywhere anytime. However I do have a question that I want you to answer:

While the world is getting smaller, why are people growing apart?


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