Face Up, Phone Down

I hope you all enjoyed a lovely weekend with family and friends, and most importantly, with yourself. Truth be told, I struggled. Not that I didn’t enjoy my time with people I love, but that I had hard time to let go that damn iPhone and iPad. Pretty pathetic, isn’t it?!

Thanks to Steve Jobs and modern technology, we get to know what’s happening at every minute in every corner of this world, as long as that place is not off the grid. But, do we really need to know which dress Gigi Hadid is wearing to her next party? do we really need to know what crazy statement Donald Trump has just declared on Twitter? do we really need to know which movie George Clooney will be in this year? Of course not. None of that do we should really care to spend hours and hours to search, to google, to Siri, and to explore.

What we should do instead?

– Read a book, a real one, a classic one and a thick one; a book that can help us learn, think and grow.

– Talk to our husband or wife, our kids, our parents, our friends. Put our phone far, far away so that it’s out of sight out of mind. Hold that conversation – laugh, debate, joke, talk, and listen with your heart.

– Go for a long walk with the dog, clear our mind, breathe in some fresh and crispy winter air. Be careful, don’t have that smart phone in our face while walking because we may end up with walking into the snow bank from across the street.

Leave a comment below if you have more fun ideas and tricks about how to leave our phone behind and live a real life.

As much as technology has changed the world, it has also changed the way we live and socialize. Like this cartoon, yes we are gathering around the holiday dinner table, we do have delicious food in front of us, we are surrounded by our family members, but where is our mind and who are we talking to at that moment – our phone. 📱

Sad? For sure!

Change needed? Indeed.

Face up, phone down, be present.

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