A Decade

Ten years ago today, in my red Nautica puffy winter coat, I landed at the Toronto Pearson Airport in the middle of the night and in the middle of winter.

The first night I checked myself into the downtown Park Hyatt hotel. Knowing that my two huge suitcases were still floating somewhere at Vancouver airport, the hotel front desk kindly provided me with a toiletry bag to help me survive the first night.

And that was that.

Ten years passed by in a flash. I had a wild ride in this beautiful country, including marrying a Canadian man.

Canadian, eh?

– They are very kind. They say “sorry” every hour, if not every minute. It’s ridiculous, because they truly mean it. It’s an interesting experience when you get to an intersection. The driver will stop to let the pedestrian go first, and the pedestrian will wave the driver to go first. They will both just look at each other for a minute or two and whoever have a weaker mind will finally go. Phew, someone, anyone, please just go because I’m already 15 mins behind my schedule because of your politeness.

– They love their winter sports, especially their hockey. Hockey is in their blood. Babies probably know how to skate before they know how to walk. As soon as they can say Mama daddy they will say “Go Leafs Go”! šŸ˜‚

– They have the most good-looking Prime Minister. He is liberal, charming, pleasant, and he has the best taste for his socks, seriously! It’s a thing now. It’s called “socks diplomacy”.

– They love diversity and they are diverse. Toronto Star reported last year that the visible minority accounts for 51.5% of population in Toronto. How wonderful it’s that!

Canada is a beautiful place because of its beautiful people, let it be Caucasian, Asian, Latin American or African. We can all find a place and find a way to accommodate, understand and respect each other’s identity.

Tonight I’m raising my wine glass to celebrate the 10 year milestone in my life. Cheers to my Canadian family and friends, because of you I had a meaningful and happy journey.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you! šŸ‡ØšŸ‡¦

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