Something Old, Something New.

It’s a 12 hour kind of day at work. It’s Monday. No complaints. As a matter of fact, I felt pretty energized by a group of people that I met at the beginning of the day.

They are the new employees participating in a 3 day orientation program. The first topic on their agenda is a talk given by the someone from the leadership team. It’s my turn today. So, off I go, key messages (check), company brochures and leaflets (check) and some small gifts (check).

I just personally love to deliver the welcoming messages to new comers. You may find it odd, but I often feel like going to a wedding.

In western world, it’s a long-standing wedding tradition that brides wear something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue on their wedding day for good luck.

In the case of someone joining a new company, something old can be their past experience, something new is exactly the new job they’ve just earned for themselves through lots of efforts. So what can I offer to them through my 20 min talk?

Two things:

– Something borrowed, which is traditionally loaned from another happy bride, and it symbolizes happiness. What I, as a colleague that has been working in the company for the past couple of years, can relay my sense of pride to them, and re-assure them that they have made a great decision to choose working for this great organization.

– Something blue, which is a symbol of fidelity, purity, and love. What I can offer to my new colleagues as a leader is the empowerment, passion and enthusiasm.

Today is just an ordinary Monday for most of us, but for these newcomers, it’s a BIG day. It’s not as big as their wedding day, but it does represent a new chapter as they continue to advance their career.

Sending my positive energy to all my new peers. Enjoy the new adventure and make the most of it.

Bon voyage!

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