Creating the Balance

I love what I do so I choose to work hard. As a matter of fact, yesterday was a 18 hour kind of day.

My team and I organized three all-employees town hall sessions within one day and one of them was held at 11:30pm-1:30am, which was also my favorite. It allows the leadership to have a direct and transparent conversation with the evening shift employees in an intimate environment. When the whole world is sleeping, and you are having an intellectual conversation with a group of intelligent people about the future of your company, that experience is electrifying. By the time I arrived at home at 2:30 in the morning, I was beyond exhausted, but with a sense of satisfaction.

When you take on a task, always do the best you can without any comprise. Do not take a shortcut. Be a perfectionist, and it’s perfectly fine if you set high expectations and standards for things that you can take under control.

However, life is a marathon, not a sprint. So after a long eventful day, I decided to take today off to allow myself to be recovered physically and mentally. I did a few work-related telecons in my comfort pajamas this morning and then went out for an afternoon date with my husband. It was not planned but rather spontaneous, which made it even more exciting.

It was a beautiful day with crisp winter air. We sat down in an old-fashioned pub with huge windows and a cute fireplace. We chatted about work and life, and enjoyed a couple of fresh beers under the sun. My heart was filled with joy.

Finding the right balance will last you longer and further. Sometimes you run, sometimes you walk; sometimes you dance, sometimes you sit.

You are the one who CREATES the balance because you know yourself the best.

Finishing a marathon is a state of mind. I’m all for it.


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