Be Your Own Fashion Queen

Fashion is fun, if you like to play with it.

Since I have some free time in hand on a Saturday, let me take a few minutes to share with you my game rules when it comes to fashion.

Know your size, precisely.If you are a size 0 like me, a pair of pants in size 2 will make you look like wearing a potato saag. No matter what you wear, it has to be a good fit and have a good cut that flatters your figure. Well-fitting clothes will complement your body, whereas ill-fitting ones will draw attention to your problem areas. When you wear clothes that fit well, you’ll not only look good, but also feel better.Your posture appears better, which affects the way you and other people perceive you. You’ll feel a lot more confident.

Know your colours, roughly. We all have preferred colours, but sometimes you can be a bit of playful and try some different colour combos. I personally love black, grey, cinnamon, blue and pink, but occasionally I will try orange, red or emerald green as well. Why not? Just remember one rule “Never have more than three colours in your outfit.” If you are dying to wear colours, then you’d better think of using different hues of the same colour, for example:

– by mixing white or black into you basis color (pale blue, dark blue)

– by mixing other colors to your basis color (turquoise blue, lavender blue, etc.)

When worn together, these colors are so close that it does not feel like wearing several colors, and therefore it is a good way to pile lots of colors together.

Know your budget, exactly. Don’t over spend on clothes. It’s not worth it. If you want to spend more, spend it on books and travels. But don’t be cheap either. Being cheap will make you look cheap and we all know the principle of dressing for successes. Take a good look at your income and allocate a certain percentage on your clothes, shoes and accessories. If you get a promotion or a big-ass bonus due to your hard work, then give yourself a treat once in a while, maybe a Chanel purse or a YSL leather jacket?

Know your brands, seriously. Lots of people like online shopping, but not me. I like to see the colours, touch the fabric and try them on before I take those beauties home. As such, in order not to spend all day in a busy shopping mall, you gotta know what brands you like and know where they locate in your favourite malls, and then walk into the stores like you own them. When it comes to casual outfits, I like urban outfitters, freepeople and Anthropology; for 9-5 office outfit, I like Zara and Ann Taylor; COS, Club Monaco and Ted Baker are good choices as well for your office wardrobe. Weekend wear?? You cannot miss the emerging Canadian brand Oak & Fort, which represents urban and simplicity.

Know your style, literally. Yves Saint Laurent says: “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” You need to find out what style you have, is it sophisticated, classic, bold, adventurous, or simply simple? Fashion is “me too”, style is “me only”. You need to know who you are, what you do, where you want to go, and then the fashion style can be one of the HOWs to help you get to the destination.

Last but not the least, do not forget to wear your smile. It’s always in fashion.

Happy Saturday. 🙂

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