Bug, Go Away

So, last week there was a super bug travelling within the marketing department and because I spent quite some time with the team discussing the media plan, I got caught by the germ despite that I sanitized my hands every hour. šŸ˜”

Ugh, who wanted to get sick before a big trip. The solution? Get rid of it over the weekend as fast as possible.

Let me tell you how:

– Sleep it off. Take some NyQuil and close your eyes. Most of the time all we need is a deep long sleep and the next morning you will look younger and feel healthier.

– Drink warm water with lemon and honey. This is the easiest remedy at home.

– Stay home. Don’t go out to spread the germs. Stay in and do NOT kiss your spouse. If you feel a sense of affection, give your puppy a big hug.

– Work in your pyjamas with big warm blanket covering you. I took 5 hours today and got caught up on all my emails and cleaned up my to-do list that I didn’t have time for during the week. I even got the chance to start a strategic communication plan for an important project. While you are working, your mind is no longer with your illness. One stone hits two birds, how nice!

By the time the Super Bowl is over tonight, the super bug that has been residing in my body in the past four days will be gone!

Can’t wait to kick off a new week with better health and stronger determination to conquer the world. šŸ‘Š

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