Until Next Time …

Late this afternoon, I hugged bye to mom and dad, and was dropped off by sister at the Beijing International Airport. Off I went, with my two luggages and re-charged love & energy.

The airplane is currently 8000 feet high in the air. Without access to the internet and the world, it’s pretty easy to stay focused and put my thoughts together to reflect on this trip.

Three things that I love the most about this trip:

⁃ Time that the hubby and I spent with my mom and dad. New technology such as Skype is like a fast food, which gives you a quick fix when you miss someone, but it’s never like the face-to-face opportunities, which can offer small but content moments of real happiness. In the past 20 days, I was able to live a life in a pace that my parents are living, such as the two meals a day routine and the almost daily visit to the supermarket. We watched the Winter Olympic Games together and cheered for both Chinese and Canadian teams; we visited the Buddha temple together on the Chinese New Year day; we spent half day at the Chinese Art Museum enjoying some of the best contemporary Chinese paintings; the list goes on and on.

⁃ Hanging out with my sister’s family and seeing that how my 18 year old niece has grown into such a wonderful fine young lady who is driven, thoughtful, solid and kind-hearted.

⁃ Re-united with my BFF in Beijing and got caught up with work, travels and life. It’s always energizing and re-assuring to share your thoughts with like-minded friends.

A few things that I wish I could do next time:

⁃ Take the hubby to see the Terra Cotta in Xi’an. It’s a fascinating wonder that I have visited a dozen of times in the past and I really want to share the excitement with Steve.

⁃ Do nothing but talk to my parents with a cup of tea. They have been so busy with the preparation to welcome us home and with cooking all the delicious Chinese cuisine for us. There is hardly a time that all of us do nothing but sit down and appreciate a long conversation.

⁃ Have a girl’s night out with my sister. Watch a movie, have a cocktail and don’t worry about all the responsibilities that we need to fulfill in life.

⁃ Have free accesses to all my social media accounts, and GOOGLE please!

My trip has come and gone, but I know this only means I’m getting closer to my next visit to Beijing, a place that I forever call home.

Bye for now, 🇨🇳.

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