Red Carpet

Every March there is one thing that I’m looking forward to. It’s not that Spring is coming closer to us; it’s not that we will have longer day light; it’s not that the dreadful flu season is ending; it’s not that I can hear birds singing in the morning. That one thing is the Oscar night – Red Carpet!

And … I’m fully ready for tonight’s grand show at the 90th Academy Awards. Are you?

From Balenciaga red gowns to pailette-embellished confections, below are a few my favourite looks from the past Red Carpet events.

Why: the queen of elegance + the colour of Spring

Why: the strong contrast of skin tone and the colour of the dress + the confidence demonstrated by Lupita

Why: structure + simplicity

Why: gracefully aged

Why: Emma + the backless back

Why: the husband’s shirt + Vera Wang skirt

Why: lace + lilac, a combo that doesn’t really belong to Mila Kunis but she pulls it off surprisingly well

Why: Halle Berry 😍 Need I say more?

Why: Nicole Kidman = the ultimate LADY of all time


As much as I enjoy judging and appreciating the glamorous looks, I want to say use this quote to end my post:

Oh, what’s this in my shoe? Red carpet insole. Everywhere I go, I’m walking on red carpet. πŸ‘  πŸ‘‘ πŸ’ƒπŸ»

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