PINK guitar

Today is a significant day.

The hubby bought a guitar for me. It’s the very first one that I own in my life, and most importantly, it’s in pink.

People who know me, I mean, who know me really well, and know me beyond the surface, know that I have a thing for the colour pink.

Yes, black (if you can label it as a colour) is my go-to option for the work wardrobe, but other than that, I’m into everything that is pink. Every time when I see a 6-year-old girl passes by me, all dressed up in pink, happy and jolly, I couldn’t move my eyes away. Don’t you think that pink ribbon, pink dress and that pair of pink boots are the cutest thing in the world?!

Psychologically, I think part of the reason that I am longing for pink all my life is because of the lack of pink in my early childhood. The colour of China was grey and blue in 1980s. Our door was just open to the world, and there was a lot to do for China to be awake, to catch up, to learn and to grow. Parents didn’t pay much attention to what colour the kids would wear to kindergarten everyday, but more about how much mathematics they could learn and how many poems they could recite. Our parents generation was thirsty for knowledge, economic development and better life in general, and the pink colour just didn’t belong to that era.

Time flies, society advances, but my obsession with pink is still deep in my heart.

The moment that the hubby opened the guitar case, was the moment that my heart jumped out of my chest! It’s a beauty, in a curvy shape, and that shade of pink is simply bright, bold, authentic and pure. It has all that a girl (now a woman) could ask for.

I guess your next question is “do you know how to play?” The answer is I don’t, but didn’t they say – sometimes the nicest thing to do with a guitar is just look at it. 🧐🧐

Kidding aside, the husband of mine, the guitar player of 40 something years has put a beginner book beside me and wished me good luck.

In the coming months, if you see less of my blog posts, that’s because I’m hanging out with my new friend – the pinkie. 🌸

Life is a song;

Love is the music;

And guitar is the instrument.

Let’s rock it, baby. 🎸

(Note: I have to end it on a corny note as I’m so freaking excited right now.)

2 replies to “PINK guitar

  1. Congrats Maggie! I love that it’s pink. The colour pink is so you – feminine and gentle. Looking forward to hearing to play. Love, Julie xo

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    1. Julie, I m so excited for your upcoming trip to Asia. Indonesia and Singapore are my favourite places. Safe travels. You will have to tell us everything when you come back. Lots of love. Maggie


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