A Grateful Heart

We all say “thank you” many times everyday, consciously and unconsciously. And of course, if you are like me, living in Canada, you will say “sorry” hundreds of time everyday as well. Just kidding. I love Canadians, and so much so that I married one.

Actually if you think about it, being grateful and appreciative does not only bring a ray of happiness to the person that you are thankful for, but also bring a slice of enjoyment to yourself too, because at that moment you are simply appreciating the fact that other people are doing a great favor to you, and it could be as simple as:

– a stranger opening the door for you

– your peers delivering a high quality task on time to meet your project timeline

– your partner cooking a hot meal (not even delicious) for you after a long working day;

– your kids bringing home an A+ school report;

– your team members made great career moves because of all the growth that they have gained under your leadership

– your friends organizing a casual night-out for a few of you to have some fun times tougher;

– your parents sending you a message reminding you to go to bed early and have a good night sleep;

– or, your aged parents are healthy and happy (thank god!!)

Small moments and small things in life are precious. They are like a string of shining pearls – light, translucent but yet poetic, beautiful and memorable.

Remember to take a moment and say thank you to everyone that helps you along the journey in big and small ways.

We are all busy with living our own life and managing our own struggles. If someone is willing to stop and make efforts to listen to us, speak to us, recognize us, and help us, please do one thing to pay back, that is, to say thank you and say it by looking into their eyes with a gentle smile.

And for those of you who are reading my blog post, thank you for being interested in what I have to say and the thoughts that I want to share.

Tomorrow, upon wakening, let our first thoughts be, thank you.

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