Weekend is Ending…

Good things always come to an end, including the weekend. I’m sipping on my last drop of the red wine, and enjoying my last bit of the good times.

Tomorrow at 6am sharp when the alarm goes off, every piece of me will need to get excited and energized in order to get the best out of every minute at work.

But for now, let me share a few things about this weekend:

– I finished a book The Year of Less by Cait Flanders, a BC-based writer and blogger. This book is a self-help memoir that documents her life for the first twelve months of her two-year shopping ban. It’s an easy read and it’s well written.

– I completed a couple of yoga sessions at my home gym, following my favourite YouTube yoga instructor Adriene from Texas, US. I like her easy going, humble and authentic personality. Check it out if you are interested in doing yoga at home.

– I watched the Canadian JUNO award tonight on CBC. JUNO is an annual Canadian music award, not as big as the Grammy award but it’s still quite a prestigious award for the Canadian musicians. To top off the good music performance is the host – Michael Bublé. I’m a die hard fan of Mr. Buble. Can you tell that from the below picture? I was wearing a MB T-shirt that I got from his concert in Toronto in 2014. I will write another blog on another day to tell you why he is my favourite musician in addition to my husband. 😉😉

Good night everyone. Sweet dreams.

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