Icy Spring

Baby, it has been cold outside!

With freezing rain, blizzards and ice pellets sweeping through the city over the last few days, we just have to ask ourselves (or maybe god): really?! Did spring forget about Canada? πŸ˜‘

Maybe yes, maybe no. Either way, it’s out of our control. So, what do you do when things are out of your hands?

You do you!

You look for your own spring flowers that are growing in your heart, in your eyes and in your mind.

– Stop complaining; start singing and playing guitar, by the window, with a glass of bubbly water.

– Put on your comfy and warm winter jacket. Winter fashion is not over yet, so enjoy layering your cashmere sweater and the teddy bear coat for a super stylish Nordic look.

– Brave the cold and go have a dinner party in a fancy restaurant with your besties to catch up on life. Be careful with driving on ice and make sure your winter tires are still in the game.

– Fireplace, wool blanket and a cup of coffee with Baileys. Need I say more?

– Books books books! You will have tons of fun under the sun and in the pool in a couple of months. So, for now, let’s enjoy reading.

Embrace anything that life may throw at you, because the beauty of life is exactly its uncertainty. If life is a set of rules and we have the answers from the very beginning, we will soon become bored.

It’s the snow storm in April that gives us the reason to have a conversation with a stranger while waiting in line; it’s the snow storm in Spring that makes us that much more appreciative when we see the first cherry blossom in High Park in May.

The curve balls keep reminding us to be grateful for what we have and what we will have.

Keep calm. Spring is coming, I promise you.

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