April 23, 2018. ๐Ÿ–ค

This is the first warm and sunny workday after a long winter. People were out and about enjoying the beautiful weather on a normal Monday early afternoon. All of a sudden, a rented white van mowed down the sidewalk on Yonge and Finch, a busy intersection in the north end of the city Toronto, and the rest became a history, marked by lost lives.


It’s an attack. It’s a bloody tragedy. It’s the darkest moment ever for the city, way darker than the #darkTO moments in those stormy winter days.

As of 9pm, 10 people have died and 15 injured individuals remain in the hospital.

The city is sad and we are heartbroken.


The exemplary police officer has arrested the suspect. If we are patient enough, we will find out why this evil did what he did.

I’m so annoyed and saddened. The area where the attack happened was exactly where I lived 10 years ago. It’s an area that is full of vibes, civilization and diversity. I lived there for about an year with very fond memories, including meeting my husband the first time.

No one in this world has the rights to take away other people’s fond memories, and other people’s’ lives. NO ONE!!

We will one day know everything about the attack, and I wish that day comes sooner than later, and I want to know how the leaders in this country, this province and this city will respond to this tragedy in the coming days.

I’m sitting in my comfortable lounge chair at home, full of anger and sadness. For those 10 innocent individuals that lost their lives, they will never be able to return their home, and their families will never be able to enjoy a beautiful day with them.

Life is fragile.

But what we do know is those innocent victims will be in heaven. They have to. They must. ๐Ÿ’”

God bless this vulnerable world.

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