Random Facts

1. I love everything chocolaty – the bitter, the darker, the better. It has been my guilty pleasure since I was three.

2. I cannot stand watching TV. TV makes me anxious and tired.

3. My favourite colour is 50 shades of pink. I love coordinating pink with black, grey or dark blue.

4. Three words that I live by: integrity, change, elegance. Integrity is about one’s value system; Change is about moving onward and forward; Elegance is about attitude and style.

5. China 🇨🇳 defines who I am; Canada 🇨🇦 defines who I have become.

6. I have a dog who loves every human being but cannot get along well with even a little puppy.

7. The person whom I cannot be more different from is my husband, and we are best friends, go figure!

8. My favourite food are dumplings and Bao. To me, they are the best medication to cheer me up when I’m homesick.

9. PARIS is in my dream.

10. I cannot stop listening to audio books. I can go through about 100 a year and most of them are non-fictions.

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