Art and Artists

Hello and happy Sunday everyone! Hope you are all enjoying this gorgeous summer day, either by immersing yourself in cool pool water (like I do!), or sipping a glass of chilled rose wine at one of the trendy patios in downtown Toronto.

I have been attempting to blog about the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair that we visited last Saturday at Nathan Phillips Square, but you know the deal, busy work and a little lack of discipline got in the way, and as such, the lovely photos taken from the art fair have been sitting in my draft folder for a week!

Since it’s a re-cap, I will keep the story short and straight. Here are my run-list of likes and dislikes from the exhibition.


– the opportunity to connect with the people / artist behind the art. Each artist manages his/her own booth. They don’t all have crazy beards and funky tattoos. As a matter of fact, they just look like you and me. The difference is they are creative and imaginative. The inspiration of their artwork could either be the busy intersection of Bloor street and Avenue road, or a twisted can of coke. Some of the artists are talkative and eager to introduce their artwork to the world; some are introverted and came across very shy. Art comes in all types and forms, right? So do the talented people behind the work!

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see. – Edgar Degas, a French artist

– The location. The fair was held at the popular city square. The old and new city halls as well as the fountain together made a beautiful and natural backdrop.

– The size. Over 300 artists – not shabby, not overwhelming. It took us a couple of hours to go through all of the booths briefly.


– More stories could be told about the artists when the city promoted the fair. When we know a person, we would be more genuinely interested in his/her work.

– Multi-media could be better used to tell us more about the style, the inspiration and the techniques of the artworks.


Overall it was a good experience. Beautiful artwork, blue sky, bright sunshine… what else could one ask for?

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