Going far and away is something that has always inspired me.

For that reason, I left my beloved family and moved to the other side of the globe; for that reason, every time when I take a break from work, I had to plan somewhere to go and some places to see; and for that same reason, every weekend when I wake up to the bright sunbeam, the first question I would ask my husband is always :”honey, where do we go today?”

The hubby has given me a one word evaluation after spending a decade with me: RECKLESS. 😂 It’s quite precise.

I’m on the GO, going far, far and away. The world is big and one cannot stop seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, walking, flying and ultimately travelling…

However, this summer I decided to take a staycation with the hubby.

The past seven months have been quite eventful. We were juggling between different work and families priorities. The day-in and day-out routine without a pause sometimes wears us out.

It’s summer time. All the Canadians are going to the cottages and all the Parisians are vacationing in Southern France. So, what should we do?

Staycation – Simply stay in, unplug and restore.

No need to pack a huge suitcase and drag it to the airport that is full of fast-paced travellers.

No need to idle in the street to find a good local restaurant in a strange city where people speak a different language.

No need to deal with the jet lag and be desperate about nowhere to find a Starbucks Flat White.

Oh, I know, eh? All those first world problems that we have.

Off we go, not far. We drove to downtown and visited the BATA shoe museum yesterday. I still cannot get over with the fact that I did not pay a visit to the museum while taking my MBA program at St.George campus a decade ago. What was I thinking?!

The museum is a true gem, which is constantly ranked as one of the top fashion museums. (

In the past couple of days we have also taken time to hang out with some great friends, enjoyed beautiful pool time and tasted delicious food at the ITALIAN restaurant Mercurio Toronto.

No vacation is complete without good books. Here are a couple of them that I finished this month. I will write a book review later, but for now, if you are looking for something to read to kill the summer time, they are absolutely good options.

Okay let’s be honest. Staycation doesn’t mean you cannot stay in a resort for a few nights. If you are not flying out of the YYZ airport, it’s still considered a stay-in-vacay, right? 😉 I don’t know about you, but I’ve packed up my suitcase with pretty dresses and denim shorts for a get-away at Muskoka, a cottage area that is located in Northern Ontario.

Tomorrow morning, drop the doggie at the mother-in-law’s and off we go!


Nothing is behind me,

Everything is ahead of me,

as is ever so

On the road.

2 replies to “Staycation

  1. What?! There is a shoe museum in Toronto? I was in Toronto just last week, with a few hours to kill before catching a train. I should have gone there! Arrrgh!

    Oh well, it was nice to enjoy it vicariously through your photos. 🙂


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