A Cottage Kind of Day

🚗 Off we went… the only vacation resort located at Lake Joseph in Ontario.

Most of Canadians are drawn to cottages. Why not? I would too if I was born in a country that has hundreds and thousands of lakes.

For people (like us) who are not cottagers, the most efficient way to enjoy the life style but don’t necessary have to pay the price (and all the hard work that comes with it), is to stay in a resort on the lake for a couple or a few days.

Cottage is a life style:

– you’ll be waken up by the birds singing;

– you’ll have your first cup of coffee by the lake, in full peace. A real ZEN moment that you won’t get at your yoga studio in downtown Toronto, where 20 sweaty yogis share the same space with you;

– you’ll spend some quality morning time in fishing on a placid lake;

– you’ll read your favourite fiction in a lazy afternoon while sipping lemonade on a weathered deck;

– on good days, you will have friends and families over to swim, BBQ, and make S’mores by the bonfire with you.

The real cottagers will tell you that there is nothing like sitting there and looking out over the water. It changes one’s entire perspective of life.

I’m not entirely sure if the a cottage kind of day (or two) will change my view about the world, but for now, I’m happy to say we had a fabulous stay at the resort and enjoyed every moment of it. ☺️😊

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