Fashion • Style • Authenticity

It’s official. The season of fall has arrived! With the season changing, comes the wardrobe upgrading.

What’s new? What’s trendy? What’s in?

Glamorous fashion magazines, active fashion bloggers, New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, pretty models and talented designers for the powerful and luxury brands are all telling us one consistent message: go, run, and buy our new season products so that you can stay fashionable.

This blog is not about the fashion itself, but I will tell you this (after glancing gazillions pictures of 2018 fall/winter trends): this season is all about animal print, plaided suits, structured cape, and heritage tweed, as well as puffy and over-sized winter coats.

If you are going to rush to the store and buy any above-mentioned items, congratulations, you are IN!

However, the truth is, you also become a “Me Too” product. You are just like Grace, like Alice, like Lily, like Zoe, nothing wrong with being alike if the fashionable elements fit into your personal style.

Did I just mention the word “style”?

Style is “only me”, not “me too”.

Seasons change; fashion comes and goes; but style stays forever.

Fashion is what you buy; style is how you put pieces together to project an image that represents you the best.

Style is a way to speak who you are without having to speak. If you have a bubbly personality, the chance for you to love bold and strong colours is bigger. If you have a free spirit and would like to be that bohemian girl with a guitar in hand, then your favourite store is probably FreePeople. If you are like me, quiet but determined, a flattering little black dress with a pair of power heels might be your go-to choice.

Spending time to know yourself, your size, your preference, your personality, your comfort level is the first step to become a stylish woman.

Style is, and can only be created by oneself. Once you know who you are and how to dress yourself, there is one more tip that we all should remember:

“Keep your heels, your head and standards high.” ~~ Coco Chanel

Did Ms Chanel just mention the words “high standards”? Damn, she did!

Being the best of ourselves as women is the best way to empower and inspire other women during this “post trump” and “me too” era.

It’s never easy to be the best, and not everyone wants to do that. But for those who are desired to do so, let’s make it happen and let’s start the journey together right now, right here.

This journey requires self-awareness and determination. One needs to find her own values and stay true to them. These values help us to stay grounded, strong and authentic. Value is not just a superficial question of style. It has to do with who we are as human beings and the forces that shape us.

If we can find our authentic self and stand up for it, rain or shine, we will be able to shine through any clothes that we are wearing, even it’s just a plain white cotton Tee.

Welcome to the new season. 🍁🍂 wish all women stay fashionable, stylish and authentic!

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