It has been a while …

I know, I know, I haven’t been disciplined at all when it comes to the blog writing.

My last post was published when the leaves were turning red, and by now we have experienced both snow storm and ice pellets in Toronto.

It has been a long time.

There are hundreds of excuses: I was too busy with work; I got up super early everyday; I was on a couple of business trips; it’s too cold outside; my brain was not functioning; I went to the hospital to visit my mother-in-law; I was cooking dinner once a week; Oh, last but not the least, I needed to go to Sherway Garden mall for yet another dress that I didn’t need in my closet, oh well, what the hell, it’s cute!

All of these excuses are legitimate but none of them can justify the fact that I didn’t suck it up and stick to the goal that I set for myself at the beginning of the year – to write a journal everyday, or every week or at least every the other week.

Where has time gone? It’s has gone nowhere. It’s always there. I intentionally ignored it and there was only one reason for that:

The laziness.


Words are always cheaper than action.

When I told myself with enthusiasm at the beginning of the year to practice writing and to share more of my thoughts in the online blogging community, I clearly under-estimated how much work one needs to do in order to transfer thoughts into words with meaning and purpose.

It’s easy to sip on a glass of wine and call it a day at 9pm; or watch an episode of The Good Place while snuggling under the warm and comfy blanket.

It’s not easy to pull out the laptop, land on a solid topic, outline the structure, type out the hundreds of words one by one, search for the beautiful images, review the post, and edit it for the third time to correct the last typo. It’s not easy especially if you’d like to do it every, single, day.

It’s not easy to take actions, but it’s easy to be lazy.

They say:

Hard work pays off tomorrow;

Laziness pays off now.

I’d like to have a much happier and more satisfying tomorrow; and for that, I will gather my strength and have more integrity – to write, to blog, and to live a life that thrives.


To all my brilliant and hardworking blogger friends:

Tell me, what is the ONE thing helps you to get rid of the laziness and stick to your journaling plan?


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