The Leisure Seeker

This is a relaxing weekend. No commitments, no parties, no obligations, no plans, just the two of us.

Here is the laundry list of what we did, not much, but just the right amount of activities:

– put on the artificial Xmas tree in the house;

– lit up the real Xmas tree in the front garden;

– watched a couple of new Netflix movies in our Pyjamas,

– cooked some delicious home-made meals, salty, juicy and spicy;

– finished a bottle of sparking wine.

Life at home is perfect.

I’m probably the biggest homebody that I know of. I love doing everything at home, entertaining, watching shows, yoga, SPA, reading, eating, pretty much everything except shopping, going to work and travelling.

Sometimes I’m confused. As much as I love staying home, I also to be on the road.

The farther, the better.

“We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us.”

When we travel, we taste different food, we hear different music, we smell different air, we appreciate different view, and we meet different people.

And only after travels, are we able to realize how sweet home is, really sweet.

Here comes a story that is related to travel:

Traveling in their family Leisure Seeker vintage recreational vehicle, John and Ella Spencer take one last road trip from Boston to the Hemingway House in the Florida Keys before his Alzheimer’s and her cancer can catch up with them.

Off they go onto a bittersweet road trip, holding hands and dancing away. They left their home to be alone, to be together, to create the last piece of unforgettable memories, and to die together.

The Leisure Seeker may not be the best movie, but it’s absolutely a heartwarming and somewhat devastating story.

No matter where we are – at home or on the road, as long as we are with the people that we love, we are the luckiest and happiest ones. And when the love is so strong, nothing can separate us, even death.


” I loved your father. Very much. I didn’t have much longer, and I couldn’t leave him alone. We were always together. And I hope we’re together somewhere now. Who knows?

— from the last letter that Ella wrote to her children.

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