Holiday Spirit in Abundance

It has been a very busy year. We decided to give ourselves a break by taking today (Monday) off to get into the holiday spirit.

After enjoying a home-made breakfast, we bundled up and set off to the Toronto Christmas Market. Part of the reason that we love to go there is because we want to enjoy the tradition, heritage and charm of a Christmas Market, right in the heart of Toronto.

This annual market is inspired by the Old World and influenced by the new. It’s a month-long event that celebrates the sounds, sights and scents of Christmas.

Because the market is set in the Victorian-era, cobblestone-lined Distillery Historic District, it has a very cool and rusty vibe. And of course, our very first stop is that giant Christmas tree for my Instagram moment.

Christmas market is originated in Germany in the 1400s and now found in Toronto, it’s a place to gather with friends, share mulled wine, hear strolling carollers and find the Christmas spirit in abundance.

What made today interesting is not that we are at the market on a brutal cold day, but that the maker is CLOSED today. 🙈 Typical us… so spontaneous that we often didn’t do sufficient research. We didn’t know that until we were in the middle of it and hardly saw any tourists and stared at all the empty street vendors’ kiosks. 😂 But really, who cares about all the small kiosks?!

We were there not for shopping, but to enjoy the time together, and to embrace the love and holiday spirit.

Hmmm…. talking about the spirit, let’s take a moment and have a beer flight to cheer up! #millst.

Happy holidays to all of you!!

May your world sparkles with love, peace, joy, and the holiday spirit. ✨✨✨

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