Get Well Soon

This post is dedicated to my friend Jules.


Jules is a wife, a daughter, a mother, a grandmother, an expert and a former college lecturer in the interior design field.

I have known her for about eight years. Our husbands have been long-time friends, and as a result we have evolved our relationship from acquaintances to friends.

I don’t see Jules often, probably two to three times a year, but each time counts because it always leaves a happy mark in my memory.

Let the occasion be her wedding day or just an informal gathering on a weekend at a bar, I’m always amazed by Jules’ vibrant and positive personality.

Not to exaggerate, but she does have the world’s most contagious laugh. When she laughs, the whole room could feel her outburst energy, her deep passion towards life, and her sincere appreciation to people around her. 😃

Life is better when you are laughing.

• Jules is full of life.

She has such a positive vibe that you can literally see sunshine beaming through the window when you are around her.

The world in her eyes is always an interesting place.

Having retired from her beloved interior design and teaching career, she is still into so many things. Just to name a few: collecting antique furnitures, visiting art exhibitions and museums, reading books, practicing yoga and meditation, cooking delicious food, travelling the world with her husband, etc., etc. If I listed them all, my short blog post would probably turn into Elena Ferrante’s four-book series of Neapolitan Novels. 🙂

The clue to happiness is to be interested in life.

• Jules cares.

This is a busy world and we are all pretty much overwhelmed and irritated by the pouring information online and offline. Too many stories to read and too much news to digest.

Excessive information leads to lack of time. However, this doesn’t become a reason for Jules NOT to read my amateur blog since day one.

She reads every single one of my post, and she reads every single sentence in the post. She remembers words in my posts that I have forgotten, and she asks sincere questions about why I view the world in a certain way.

I mean… who does this anymore in this fast-paced and somewhat cold-hearted society?

Jules is different. She CARES, wholeheartedly, for other people.

When a person spreads love, people around him / her are happier. Every time after I see Jules, I feel more energetic, appreciated, and indeed happier.

• Jules is one tough lady.

A few weeks ago we heard from Dave that Jules was going to have a major heart surgery in mid January.

Surgery can be a scary experience no matter how serious the operation is. Going under the knife, laser, or anything like that is a frightening experience.

So we made a dinner appointment with the couple last week. The hubby and I want to make sure Jules is okay.

Before going to the dinner, we were prepared to see our friend being distracted and distressed, but no, there is none of the negative emotions. Zero!

All we saw at our dinner was the same vibrant Jules, full of laughs and energy. Walking a bit slower than before due to her heart condition, but she held her head even higher, and her walk was even steadier.

In her elegant and soft white winter coat that night, Jules looked more beautiful and graceful than ever.

Tomorrow is THE day.

When the heart surgery is done, my friend will be the sunshine in our life again.

I hope the surgery is fully effective.

I hope Jules will not have to feel much pain as she recovers fully from the surgery.

I hope her quality of life improves quickly afterwards.

Stay strong, stay tough.

Jules, we look forward to visiting you next week after your surgery.

Lots of love.


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