Kill the Winter Blues

I live in Toronto, and the middle of January only means one thing – we’re deep in winter.

Fortunately, we get to see tons of snow and I can make a chubby snowman right here and now, in my own backyard.

Unfortunately, we will have to experience yet another freezing-your-butt-off kind of winter. By the end of April, everyone that I know will have pretty much travelled to Caribbean at least once. People are desperate to get some tan, warmth and happiness.

But before you take your next trip down south, what should you do to beat the winter blues?

EMBRACE it! Easily said then done, I know, but let’s take a minute here to think about our Danish friends. They are the happiest bunch on the planet, despite that they have the longest winter and the darkest nights. Instead of being depressed, they creat a whole new lifestyle called Hygge (/ˈhjuːɡə/ HEW-gə or /ˈhuːɡə/ HOO-gə), which represents a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment.

Here are some tips to shed some light on your life and help create your own warm space when the sun sets at 3:59 p.m.

Know who you are. If you are a wild child that always loves mountain ski, snowboarding, hockey. curling and skating. Congratulations! You won the lottery by simply being born in Canada. 😉 In this big winter wonderland, you will be forever a happy kid with candies in your mouth. But if you are like me, a non-athletic and skinny bunny, you can still enjoy what winter has to offer! The secret is: don’t go out! Ha!

Stay indoor and do what your heart desires. Let it be baking a batch of chocolate chip cookies, or snuggling in the couch and reading a good book, only you can make yourself happy. Not the sunshine, nor the other person in the house. Only you know what activities and hobbies will make your heart sing. I always love a good memoir, a bath filled with ocean scent, a couple of burning candles, an acclaimed movie and an authentic Chinese meal prepared and cooked with love at home.

Dress warm and make winter fashion a fun game. There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing. You can be warm and stylish at the same time. As a matter of fact, I start to realize how winter can be perfect for being fashionable with a twist of fun. There are so many choices: parka, cashmere, Canada goose, faux fur, Teddy bear coat, knee height boots, daddy shoes, leather pants, turtle neck sweaters, dresses, leggings, you name it, winter has it. The layers, the hats, the scarfs, the combo of chiffon dress and combat boots, oh me mine my!!!!

I will write another blog on winter fashion some other day, I promise you.

Be grateful. Be loving. No matter where you live, what the temperate is outside and how warm you are dressed, if your heart is cold, you will probably feel that the world is a freezing place anyway. We had a big snow dump this weekend in Toronto and being a nervous driver as myself, I don’t want to drive on the slippy roads to Yorkdale Mall, although I know some new clothes and shoes can really help to brighten up my day. So, there comes the hubby, offering to drive me to the mall and picking me up when I’m done. Am I happy? Yes you bet!! A small but kind act by the husband not only makes my weekend special, but also makes my life special. I’m one lucky lady that is being cared for by my husband everyday.

Love warms the heart. ❤️

Okay, my dear reader friends, leave a comment and let me know what do you to kill the winter blues in your city, and in your country? ☺️

7 replies to “Kill the Winter Blues

  1. Not being a winter person, January is my stress month, since we are also in the middle of winter. I cope by joining a gym to work out, reading lots of books, and keeping my Happy Light nearby.


  2. A lovely post! Like you, I’m here in the true north experiencing our coldest week, and biggest snowfall so far. Spending time with my wife, is always the best way to beat the winter blues! Blessings!


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