Summer a la carte

Toronto is an absolutely gorgeous lady in Summer. Her beauty shines through the waving lakes at the sunset and is celebrated by the chirping birds when the sun rises.

She is a strong force to be reckoned with as everything good about her gets amped up.

Most importantly, she offers a little bit everything to enrich our life and soul. I call it a la carte.

Summer in Toronto fuels our spontaneity. There are so many things to do, so many places to visit, so much sunshine to embrace, but so little time to do all of it.

But, who cares?! Sometimes a la carte is better than a feast, because you are leaving some space for future, you have created some warm memories to savour on, and you get to order and taste the exact dishes you have wanted for a long time, such as swimming under the sun, going to an outdoor concert, having a long walk with your family, etc..

Okay, here is my a la carte pictures over the past few weeks:

Something sweet

The hubby and I had a spontaneous day trip to Niagara-On-The-Lake, and passed by a boutique vineyard we’ve never been to. Guess what? That Cabernet Rose is the most delicious Rose wine I have tasted from an Ontario vineyard.

Cheers, summer!!

Something entertaining

Of course we went to see Quinten Tarantino’s new movie. I mean, how can we not to? It’s dark, it’s brutal, but it’s funny and it’s engaging. Even though Leonardo is far… far… far… (I mean really far) away from his look in Titanic, he is still a very good actor, and he did his part very well. Brad is Brad… need I say more?

Something awkward

For the first time, I tried paddle board, and my Instagram husband tried so hard to get a decent photo of me while paddling. I sucked… I was nervous as hell and it did show though my very tense body language. I couldn’t find even a single decent picture that I can share in my blog post, so here you go… a stock image of an athletic yet elegant young lady paddling the board in the ocean with pinkish sky as the backdrop!

Well… at least, I tried! πŸ€—

Something exciting

Sit tight and let me tell you what excites me the most in life – reading books! Ha!!

Here are a few books that I finished this summer ….and I liked each one of them.

Something warm

My girlfriend Karen knows how much I adore Michael Buble, a Canadian musician who has the sweetest voice that can warm up any soul during the Xmas season, mine included. So, as part of my birthday gifts, Karen spoilt me with a ticket to Buble’s concert at the Scotiabank Arena in July. For the entire night, my heart was pumping fast, and my ears were wide open. I embraced every musical note with every single second. It was a magical night. 🎢

Now, tell me… how has your summer been?


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