We’ve moved: Q&A with the Hubby


One layover at the Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris, 10 hours later, we finally arrived in the city of Lyon this Tuesday.

Our new apartment is located at the center of the city, an area called Bellecour. It’s a refurbished high-ceiling flat in a historical residential building that has three beautiful big windows in the living room. As soon as the sunshine flooded in at 8:30am, our mood is instantly lifted up.

On the way back from the Musée of Confluence today, I did a quick Q&A session with my husband to understand where he is at since we moved to the City of Lights.

So here we go…

Q: What’s your overall experience with the relocation so far?

A: a smooth and positive experience. Our relocation agency did a great job in guiding us throughout the process; and the weather is even cooperative. We left the snowy Toronto at the right time for a city that has much more sunshine and warmth in the middle of winter.

Q: What the three things do you like the most so far about the city?

A: Amazing food, great wine, friendly people.

Q: What’s your favorite food?

A: Pate / Foie Gras, with a freshly baked baguette bought from the pastry store at the corner of the street, and a glass of light red wine to balance the rich flavours!

Bon appétit!

Q: What’s your impression on French men and women?

A: They are tall, slim and stylish. Men are well put together, while women like to wear black nylon stockings (even in the cold) and white sneakers. They are also civilized… like to talk, but with rationales and in a lower voice. One exception – they leave their dog’s poopoo on the sidewalk… yes… on the sidewalk, not the garbage can. 🥶

Q: Do you like your new apartment? Why?

A: Very much so. The apartment has a lot of charms such as the marble fireplace, arch-shaped mirror and grand windows. 4th floor is acceptable for somebody that has height issues. An additional bonus: the windows can be opened for some fresh air all day long. No screens on the window equals no bugs in summer. Ha!

Q: Did you have fun being here so far?

A: I enjoyed my living experience here – 100%. One word to summarize the experience: comfortable.

Q: Okay, can you use one word to describe your experience at the Farmers’ market then?


(How about two words?) INTERACTIVE PURCHASES! Pick your food, get them weighed, transact with small change down to cents, handed over with your purchase wrapped in paper bags, and then place them nicely and neatly in the shopping cart! Voilà…onto the next vendor.

Q: Do you find anything missing in this city?

A: A few things are missing:

1. A robust night life… musical performances … not as much as what are accustomed to. 🎸

2. North American type of things: Starbucks, A&W burgers, and Costco!! 🍔

3. Size is missing. Everything is that much smaller… the washroom, the bedroom, the coffee, the wine glass, the space, even the bottle of the mouthwash. 🤷🏽

Q: What’s the focus of news on TV?

A: Politics, especially on global affairs.

A common word: debate.

Q: You will be back and forth between Lyon and TORONTO in the next couple of years. What are you looking forward to the most and the least?


The most: European discovery

The least: air travel and strikes


More to come about the French lifestyle as I continue with my adventure in Lyon.




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