Living Through a Pandemic Alone

Since we entered into the Year of Rat, we have only encountered one word #COVID19 – the hottest topic, the frightening battle and the single focus in the entire world.

It’s on TV, on social media, on newspaper, in magazines, and in conversations and debates.

It is everywhere, and it’s everything.

Anything else becomes irrelevant. Popular terminologies include tests, confirmed cases, death toll, lock-down, lock-in, humanity, leadership, empathy, social distancing, zoom, unemployment, depression, crisis and last but not least, face-mask and PPE.

Nothing else matters, not even baby’s immunization schedule, kids school work and seniors in the long-term care facilities that are longing for visits from loved ones.

While the hustle-bustle world suddenly becomes quiet with empty streets and lonely souls, it seems to become busier too, with more complicated processes just to prepare oneself to go for a normal grocery shopping trip. The afterwards process is an even more tedious and ridiculous one, filled with steps such as disinfection, hand-washing, floor-cleaning and yes if you are outdoor for longer than an hour, you’d better throw all your outwear into washing machine for a quick run just in case the corona virus was attracted to your pink hoody when you were out and about, and by the way, throw yourself into the bath tub as well… oh wait, don’t forget to wash your hair while you are at it. The list goes on.

This is no doubt a deadly virus with a generation wiped out in Italy. There is another word for it – pandemic. Based on Wikipedia, pandemic is an outbreak of a disease that occurs over a wide geography and affects an extraordinary high proportion of the population.

It’s NO joke, and there will only be before and after.

When this all happened in France 15 days ago, I found myself completely alone and confused. The hubby had just left France for Canada for work and home visit. Not knowing what to do next, I quickly realize that I need to face the #stayhome situation alone and make the best out of it by staying positive.

Now, two weeks have passed slowly. The virus situation is ever-evolving, but my mood has always been on a very good side, and I still smile (even to myself in the mirror).

There is really no reason not to. In an unlucky context (new country, different language, no families and close friends), I’m the lucky one.

– I’m surrounded by love and caring. As soon as EU becomes the new epicentre, my phone has been flooded with emails, FaceTimes, and messages. Everyone, far and close, everyday, reaches out to me to check in, to say hi and to offer help.

– I’m in great shape with a strong immune system. It’s tough not to be able to have a long walk along the Rhone River on a sunny day or visit the farmer’s market to buy freshly cut flowers, but I can always do yoga or silly dance moves at home.

– I have a safe, cozy and beautiful place to live in, with several grocery stores and pharmacies close by. With the arrival of Spring, it’s wonderful to open the windows and let sunshine pour in the first thing in the morning.

– This may sound cheesy, but I do have a job that I love and a company that I’m proud to work for. I’m neither a scientist nor an engineer but the people that I work with and support are. They are the ones who are working around the clock to research vaccines and explore new medical treatments in order to put this disaster to an end, together with other partners and government. My job is to tell stories about them and their work, and I cannot be more proud. I mean it and I’m serious.

Life is a journey, and this pandemic shall pass. While we are fighting the good fight, let’s remain calm, loving, healthy, and most importantly, grateful. ❤️

One reply to “Living Through a Pandemic Alone

  1. I love this. And you. It’s the perfect attitude to try and maintain during this time. Focus on what we have to be grateful for – and there is always something – even if it’s something small. And maybe we are able to find even more things given we now can readily be more mindful. Keep well. xo

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