The Art of Pool Games

Once in a blue moon, I play a couple of rounds of pool. That happened today, the last day of a long and restful Christmas holiday.

A few reasons for me to grab a cue to start the game with the husband:

* To spend some fun time together before we dive back into the hustle and bustle of the “real” work life.

* I’m often drawn to the beauty of the billiard balls, particularly their glorious and vibrant colors.

* Finally, to get my minds running and get my body stretched.

“ Billiards is the well-developed art of thinking ahead. It is not only a game, but first and foremost a demanding sport, which requires good stamina, the logical thinking of a chess player and the stable hand of a concert pianist.” ~ Albert Einstein

Just as all other sports, to win a pool game, one needs to practice and master the skills, coupled with the right strategy to become the best yourself: focus, tenacity and make the best of your situation.

So, how did today’ game end? You guessed it right. I, a player that plays once in a blue moon, did not win.🌚

Does it matter? Of course not. There is always the NEXT game and there is always new possibility. 💜

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