Winter White

Unless you are from the North Pole where Santa Clause lives, I doubt you will love winter, especially a long, snowy and salty winter like what have here in Canada.

Unless you are a fashionista and the daily wardrobe coordination is your true passion, you won’t understand my kind of winter blue.

My winter blues is actually winter white, namely snow and salt.

Snow and salt are in a very romantic relationship because they come to the town hand in hand. One from the sky, the other is on the ground. As soon as they meet each other, they are melted together, and let me tell you, they are a powerful pair! Together they have destroyed a few pairs of my good looking leather boots, leaving forever long white rings around my shoes and heels.

One day, after losing another battle with the snow & salt, I decided to go to the shoe store to buy a pair of real kick-ass snow-proof winter boots with rubber outsoles.

Aren’t they ugly?! Absolutely, they are a fashion nightmare, but they are practical as hell, and boy, aren’t they keeping your feet warm and happy! Most importantly, they prevent you from falling onto the icy roads and breaking a leg.

Still, I’m depressed every morning when I put on my bullet-proofs boots. They are way above your ankles with padded sides, but they are not the over the knees type. This means you can neither wear that pair of navy blue Capri from Club Monaco, nor wear a cute pair of black poke dots stockings.

The only kind of pants that work well with the snow boots are tight jeans, but I mean, who wear jeans to work if you are so determined to dress to impress.

I’m not going to work to impress, but I do want to be put-together and represent my company appropriately. Who knows which TV station will show up at the door of my office and ask for an interview? Haha.

Say no to jeans, that’s for sure. Hmmm…. dresses and skirts will do the trick, you will probably make that recommendation. Nope, not really, because that pair of black tights that you can wear with skirts and high heels in autumn would not look good (not even close) in a pair of white snow boots. Don’t believe me?! Give it a try yourself.

Winter is white, but it seems very blue to me.

“O, wind, if winter comes, can spring be far behind?”

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