Be the Ball

Grass turns green. Sun is out. Birds are singing. It’s time to pull out my somewhat rusted golf clubs, put on my adidas golf shoes, take out all my favorite hot pink golf balls, and have a round of golf with the hubby.

I don’t love golf. Part of the reason is because the hubby loves it too much. He possesses all the passion that a family could ever have towards a single sport game.

He’s obsessed with golf, and to be honest, he’s really good at it.

I am not. A good round of golf for me means an end-to-end nine holes game with determination, some level of frustration due to the loss of my two pink balls and a cup of vodka and soda in hand at 12:15pm.

Today’s game is great though. I had a boogie at the 7th hole, a fairly tough one.

How did you do it? You probably will ask.

Pretty simple:

– Less is more. Don’t try too hard.

– Stay focused. Keep your head down.

– “Be the ball.” Says Ty Webb in the Caddy Shack movie.

Yes, be the ball. That’s exactly the secrete path to a good game, and an exciting life adventure.

There’s a force in the universe that makes things happen. All you have to do is to get in touch with it, stop thinking, let things happen.

Let it be. Go with flow. Don’t force it and don’t give up.

Have a great week ahead! 💚

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