Oh, Winter Wonderland!

Bundle up, folks! It’s Canada, and I did not fall off my chair last week, when CTV news announced that Mars, Antarctic or Mount Everest Base Camp might be warmer alternatives for some Canadians, as the country faced an epic cold snap that plunged the mercury to record-setting lows in many regions.

Growing up in northern China, I thought I knew the definition of Winter – it means you need a down coat, a pair of warm shoes and that you may see snow in Dec or Jan if we are lucky.

Clearly, I was wrong. In Canada, winter means:

– Everybody knows how to ice-skate, snow board, ski, and play hockey and curling. If you suck at all these activities like me, you go to ACC at least during the game season to watch hockey games live, drinking beers and wearing leafs jersey.

– you own a few pairs of huge and ugly snow boots. They are water proof, snow proof, and salt proof. You feel you can conquer the world in these bullet-proof boots. The downside is you won’t see your beautiful and sexy high heels for at least 4 months, 4 freaking months!!! The moment you can put on your Jimmy Choo, it will be my birthday time baby – it’s May!

– You get up 15 minutes earlier in the dark and cold morning, because you need that 15 mins to heat up your car before driving to work. Guess what I start to do during that long 15 mins? MEDITATION! Perfect cold air and quiet time to help me calm down, breath in, breath out and start the day with a clear mind.

– You become extra Hyggely, spending long winter nights by the fireplace sipping wine and reading books, covered by warm blankets and big pillows.

Human beings are good at adapting to environment. So what do I do in winter at a place that’s colder than Mars?

Other than working and laughing, I hibernate, have long sleeps and eat tons of chocolate. Winter is long and dark, so let it be.

O, wind, if winter comes, can spring be far behind? 😉

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