Tuesday Reflection

It’s a pretty busy Tuesday started with my first team meeting in 2018 and ended with my 2017 year-end performance review session.

It’s a great day – closing off the previous year on a high note and setting the stage for the new year. With that, I’d like to jot down a couple of reflective thoughts:

– Despite of all the challenges and uncertainties in an ever-changing business environment, do your best, give your best and BE the best. Other things will follow. Evolution takes time and endurance. It’s called grit.

– Know where you are and how you are positioned. I’m reading NBC news anchor Megyn Kelly’s book Settle for More this week and would like to share one of her quotes to remind all of us that sometimes we need to put things into perspectives:”That’s pretty profound if you think about it. However low you are, there is always something to feel proud of, and however high you are, there is always something to humble you. I hold on to that this day.”

– Ignore the gender bias and smash the glass ceiling as if you were the power house. It’s okay to be bold and it’s okay to have ego as long as you hold yourself to the highest standard and stand by your values. Don’t be afraid. You are your own destiny. Take control of it.

No we can not have it all, but if we know who we are, what we stand by and do everything we can until there is nowhere to go, we will thrive, just like these beautiful summer roses.


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