Wine Wednesday

I’m a big wine lover, but I was not until I moved to Canada.

When I lived in China, I really never had a craving for wine, any type of wine, because Chinese food does not really pair well with wine. How could you possibly have a mouthful of dumplings filled with greasy pork and then elegantly sip on a glass of 1986 California Cabernet Sauvignon? They just don’t go together, right?

It’s Steve who introduced me to the world of red wine while we were dating. He loves red wine and so do I. He prefers California red with full body and fruity flavour while I have a love affair with good wines that have pleasant aroma and smooth taste, which I often find in French Merlot or Argentina Malbec.

I was at a business lunch with a PR agency today. Wine was offered but I politely declined. I never like to drink wine at business occasions.

To me, wine belongs to relaxing and intimate moments, which you can share with your beloved family and friends. It’s special, and it needs to be shared with special people.

Today is a typical Wednesday – extremely cold weather, a big meeting with the PR agency, a business lunch, longer than usual commute with bad traffic and a few hours of overtime work. Sounds pretty depressing, eh? But no, it actually ended on a happy note. Steve prepared a delicious home-cooked meal while I was getting my work done. When he poured me a glass of red wine and closed my laptop, the dark evening became bright and warm again.

The best wines are the ones that we drink with people we love.

Cheers! 🍷🍷

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