I’m not a fashion aficionado, but when it comes to the legendary designer exhibit in Toronto, there is no way that I can miss it, especially given that it is Christian Dior.

The exhibit is simply stunning.

It’s based on the ROM’s own collection and is arranged thematically from daytime to evening wear, accompanied with Dior accessories, contemporary film, sketches and fashion photographs.

All these beautiful pieces from the fashion house’s first decade (post World War II) reveal an effort to celebrate femininity.

I mean, look at those willowy waistlines and accented bosoms, full skirts and soft details. Don’t you wish that you were the princess who was wearing that black silky off-shoulder gown? How to pair with that elegant LBD? Bright red lipsticks and a fancy black fascinator. Viola!!

Actually, what Dior’s structured dresses reflect is exactly the postwar feminist feeling, through by the celebration of female form.

Another thing that I like about the exhibit is that the curators use the modern technology (touch screens and ceiling projectors) to provide a full experience to the audiences.

While I was exploring the brilliance behind Dior’s dramatic creation, I heard someone mumbling beside me:”This is it? Really?! Is this all? How can that be? No way, there must be more. Honey, let’s go find them.” Ah, that’s the hubby of mine! I assured him that “this is it, and this is already more than what we can comprehend and digest.” Every single piece is an art, an effort and a story. Together they led to a fashion revolution in 1947-1957, in Paris, and in the world.

“My dream is to save women from nature.” said Mr. Dior, and he certainly realized that dream. 👗

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